Agricultural protectors that work with you

Our reusable and permanent frames are quick and easy to install and integrate with your existing equipment.

A universal solution to a common problem

The production of wine grapes in a northern climate poses problems of protection against the cold, especially for vinifiera type vines. Farmers use several techniques including covering wood frames with geotextile membranes. This approach, although effective, is labor intensive and once installed cannot be quickly reinstalled to keep up with the changes in climate. In addition, the rebar degrades quickly. We have produced permanent reusable armatures to meet all protection and flexibility needs.

Our innovative protectors

Discover the many unique benefits of our patented frames.


A myriad of benefits

Our patented farm protectors are superior to all alternatives in every way.



Our frames are resistant to the worst weather. Each piece is designed to last in order to give you maximum peace of mind.



The patented design of our fasteners allows for quick and efficient deployment and removal of guards without the need for additional labor.



Our rapid deployment system allows you to install and remove your protections quickly as the weather changes. Avoiding damage caused by a sudden drop in temperature.


Staple free

Our unique fasteners require no staples, reducing damage to your canvases and eliminating the need to replace them periodically.



Our agricultural protectors are made of non rotting materials allowing you to store them season after season without damage.



Our agricultural protection system does not require punctual replacement, saving you time and money.

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